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Observação de Aves

Roteiro estilo safári de vida selvagem com foco em Observação de Aves para iniciantes.  Um passeio imersivo na natureza, onde teremos contato com as belezas da Mata Atlântica em busca das cores, camuflagens e cantos de nossas Aves Florestais. 

  This is an itinerary where we will immerse ourselves in nature in search of the most diverse colors and sounds of the forest, with a focus on bird watching, allowing the participant to stimulate their senses. Throughout the activity, we will seek to see and hear the largest number of
  birds possible present in our region, as well as other living and vegetative beings in the region.

  On our Bird Discovery Tour we will have experience of:

See – In addition to the colors of the Forest and the Birds, also the details of Nature in a unique way.
Listen – Our breath, the breath of the forest and thus sharpen our senses to hear the birds. 
Feel – Our heart accelerates and we are moved by the discovery of native and migratory species that inhabit our forests.

Departures at dawn and at the end of the day

Approximate duration – 3h
Level – Light/Tour

+ A safe and recommended activity for children (calm and polite) over 5 years old and adults of all ages. + Requires mobility for light walks on uneven terrain + No pets allowed 

+ We are “Soft-opening” 

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